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Grades 5-8 Course Offerings

Current 4th - 7th Graders

All courses offered in Summer Experience fit within Academic, STEAM, Arts, and Skills Pathways.

ACADEMIC / Mathematics and English Language Arts: Grade level instructional standards.
 STEAM / INNOVATION NATION: Learn how to make your ideas ignite and become an entrepreneur! Make the world a better place while learning how to start your own business.

STEAM / SCIENCE & ENGINEERING:  Explore Science and Engineering principles.  Activities may include using tools for bicycle maintenance, drones, or coding.

ARTS / FINE & CULINARY: Drawing and Painting; Culinary skill and nutrition instruction.

ARTS / MIXED MEDIA:  Ceramics and Photography

ARTS / GUITAR: Develop your guitar playing skills. Instruments are provided for free. No experience necessary.

 ARTS / STRINGS: Introduction to stringed instruments (e.g., violin, cello). Instruments provided for free.  No experience necessary.

ARTS / PERFORMING ARTS: Theater games, lessons, and exercises to develop stage skills.  Elements of dance and costume design may be incorporated with a culminating performance.

SKILLS / LEADERS IN SPORTS: Leadership skills focused on goal setting, time management, and organization, along with physical activities including games and sports.

SKILLS / SWIMMING & LIFE HACKS: No swim experience necessary.  Develop your swimming skills.  Learn and design "Hacks" to make your life easier and prepare for your future.

As students move through grades, and attend Summer Experience through their years in San Luis Coastal, the skills and learning experiences will build, in classes offered within the same pathway at earlier grades.

Academics - Math and Language Arts

student with a whiteboard doing math problems

Please note: Academic courses are by invitation only and are being offered to students who have demonstrated an academic need during the school year.

English Language Arts

Students will learn the core concepts and skills of English Language Arts.  Students will spend time practicing reading and writing strategies that lie within their grade level band of core instructional standards.


Students will participate in a unique blend of problem solving and skill building activities that reinforce essential mathematical concepts needed for success inside and outside the classroom.

Fine and Culinary Arts

Student portrait watercolor painting

Culinary Arts class follows a standards-based curriculum for elementary to high school students to explore the interactions between food, culture, health, and the environment through interactive cooking and gardening lessons. At the heart of this dynamic and joyful learning experience, the focus is to educate young students on growing, preparing, and eating healthy food, and empower them to become environmental stewards.

Students will learn basic drawing and painting skills to help support their creative expression. Students will be introduced to basic elements and principles of visual art, such as line, shape/form, space, balance and emphasis. More advanced students will get the chance to build upon their existing skills.

Skills: Leaders in Sports

Students gain strategies and skills to communicate and work with others

Leadership:  Students learn the leadership and life skills they need to thrive in the classroom and beyond. Students who learn empathy, goal setting, time management, organization, and personal responsibility are shown to be more successful.   Leadership content and skills will lay the foundation for students.  

Mixed Media Arts

students working with clay

Ceramics will provide students an introduction to clay by learning basic hand building techniques of pinch coil and slab, basic ceramic sculpture construction, and glazing.  More advanced students will get the chance to build upon their existing skills. 

Photography provides an introduction to digital photography with the goal to spark the joy of capturing life in pictures. Students will learn basic digital photo quality settings and features.


two students sitting on the lawn playing guitars

Skills: Musical Arts 

Guitar is an introduction or continuation for students to learn to play the guitar. Students will develop skills necessary to play beginning-level music accurately, to read musical notation, and be provided performance opportunities. Guitars will be provided free of charge to all participating students.

Strings instruction on string bass instruments (violin, cello, …) with a focus on the skills necessary for long-term success. This is a perfect class for students who want to get introduced to stringed instruments or to for those who are already playing and want to take their skills to the next level.  Instruments will be provided free of charge to all students and instruction will be provided by an experienced strings music instructor.

Arts: Performing Arts

Students Perform on a stage dressed like animals

Performing Arts students will participate in theater / performance art games, lessons, and exercises to develop stage skills including expression, speaking in front of a group, improvisation, voice projection, pantomime, and singing.  The goal will be to conduct a culminating performance.

Skills: Leaders in Sports

Students learn to collaborate and be sportsmanlike

Sports will allow students to participate in a variety of games including soccer, basketball, and pickleball.  This is a great course for students who like to be active, and play fun and engaging games.  Fundamental skills of each sport will be covered and students will get to develop their skills in a positive environment emphasizing sportsmanship.

STEAM - Science and Engineering

student team flying drone project

Grade 5-6 students will dive into our new drone program to solve real world problems and also get their hands dirty using tools working on bicycles.

Grade 7-8 students will also experience the world of drones and coding video games (this grade 7-8 class will be similar to the 2022 drone and video game design classes)

STEM + Entrepreneurship

Students learn robotics and apply business ideas

If you are an innovator, designer, dreamer, helper, builder, or just have creative ideas then sign up to be a business entrepreneur.  Who knows, your ideas may change the world and make it a better place.  Students will get to know their own interests and strengths, develop a growth mindset and make their cool ideas come to life while learning business principles including marketing, finance, and product prototyping. Feel the excitement of helping others while learning how to start your own business!

Skills: Swimming + Life Hacks

Students swim in summer

Swimming instructors will teach basic swim skills to develop lifelong fitness! Swim instruction will be offered for students at all levels of ability.  Several students went from non-swimmers to swimmers in 2022!  Supervision provided by teacher and trained lifeguards.

In Life Hacks, students will learn a variety of practical skills needed for life.  If you want to learn how to change a car tire, how to be smart with money and health, how to plunge a toilet, or even how to get more of what you need in life to be independent and successful then this is the class for you!  Students will also get the opportunity to explore topics of interest and share their essential life hacks with others.