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Program Overview

Summer Experience Vision

The SLCUSD Summer Experience will actively engage ALL students, allowing them to learn, grow, and develop, in a flexible, safe, and supportive environment.  Participants will be part of a program that they cannot wait to be a part of each year that inspires passion and a love of learning.  Students will experience hands-on, highly engaging programs allowing them to employ innovative, creative problem-solving skills to confront real life challenges.


Request-Based Registration

Due to an expected high level of demand and to increase equal access, this year's enrollment will be based on course requests. You will request courses in February with a Google Form, but these requests don't guarantee enrollment. Student preferences will be entered in our computer-based enrollment system, which will generate schedules that honor requests for as many students as possible.  All families who submit a Google Form will be emailed in March, to learn whether or not their child was enrolled. Enrolled students will receive their schedules at that time.


Goals for the Summer Program

  1. Academic Achievement -   Students will make measurable, sustainable progress to reach their academic goals.
  2. Opportunities for All – Students will have equitable access to quality learning opportunities.
  3.  Engagement of Students – Students will develop a deeper connection to school and interest in becoming life-long, engaged learners, through motivating programs that allow them to explore their community.
  4. High Quality Staff – Students will be provided instruction from high quality, caring, and motivated staff, in connection with community partners.
  5. Quality Care - Families will have access to comprehensive summer programs for their children that include food, transportation, and childcare as needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Jeff Martin, Coordinator

picture of jeff martin


Locations for Grades 1st - 4th grade students are on the coast at Baywood Elementary and 5th -8th graders will attend Morro Bay High School.

In the city of SLO, 1st - 4th grade student will attend Bishop's Peak, & C.L. Smith Elementary and 5th - 8th grade students will attend San Luis Obispo High School.

A Note about 5th - 8th Graders 

Through voter approved Measure D, our high school campuses now have amazing facilities we want our younger students to enjoy (i.e. swimming pool, theatre). Campus supervision will be provided and interaction between grades 5-8 and 9-12 students will be limited by their daily schedule and location on campus.

Students Enjoy Leadership Class

girls learning leadership
teacher helping student with coding